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or the united states or europe. >> reporter: what started as wondering about tall buildings ended with sweet success. >> a lot of fun when you can learn and have a snack too, isn't it? if you have something you'd like us to profile, we'd love to hear from you. >>> our time 16:24. >> if you're looking to hang with zombies, ride roller coasters and get your dance on, find out why you want to hit six flags in largo. >> an accident on the northbound side of i-95 near triangle was cleared to the left shoulder. you still have a lot of slow traffic there getting by. then it bunches up here in springfield trying to get to the beltway. howard? >> we're still watching sandy now departing the cuban coast headed for the bahamas. could be here late in the weekend early next week. this morning benign weather. full forecast and the rest of the news and traffic coming up when we return. >>> well good morning. a live shot of the people's house. the capitol shrouded in a little bit of cloud cover. we'll see how it goes for the rest of the day. >>> thank you for starting your thursday with us. good morning. i'
in congress will look at the challenges muslims face in the united states. the forum is set to begin at 7:30 in the cathedral's nave. >>> it's 6:06. jessica doyle is watching your money. >> she's also watching the phones and the time you will be getting to work soon. >> it used to be d.c. was a blackberry town like a lot of the united states and others started moving to iphones and droids but federal employers stuck by the encrypting technology offered by blackberry until now. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement is the latest federal agency to drop blackberry smartphones for the iphone. blackberry is still the smartphone of choice for capitol hill. earlier this year the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives and national oceanic and atmospheric administration also dumped blackberry for the iphone. >>> wal-mart is facing some tough allegations. according to a federal lawsuit, wal-mart broke labor laws by requiring temporary employees to work overtime without getting paid for it. the suit claims wal-mart made the workers arrive early for their shifts, stay late and work th
cause of fatalities among 16 to 20-year-olds in the united states. why is that the case? >> unfortunately, monika, those teenagers, our youngest drivers are also our biggest risk takers. they have a sense of innocence vincibility. they want -- invincibility. they want to explore. in a car driving environment it's risky and sometimes can be fatal. >> the campaign is focusing on the parents' role and their responsibility. let's take a look at your video. >> so you have the contracts. >> oh, everything is right in here. >> he just got his license. >> is he here? >> yeah, he's upstairs in his room. >> no more than one friend in the car at any time. no cell phone use. no alcohol. >> really this is about laying down the rules. >> absolutely. >> what is the key advice you give to parents? >> interactive teaching. really the thing you have to do is you have to hold your teen accountable. driving is the ultimate responsibility. you're driving a vehicle that's several thousand pounds that can get up to over a hundred miles an hour in a chaotic environment. the key is lay down stro
's increase in tuition in the united states is the smallest in many years. >>> game show, the price is right, hired its first shirtless male model. rob wilson is his name. the boston native beat out hundreds for the chance to become the show's first male model. >> i love the stick soldier on his flesh. >> check out the lines. they all turned up for a casting call a couple of weeks ago. they had a chance to strut their stuff. >> reporter: i was robbed. >> howard said he was robbed. then the viewers had a chance to vote online. rob says he is looking forward to his first day on the job. >> probably a little bit of nervous jitters. i hope the price is right crew likes me. i'm really excited. >> rob makes his first appearance october 15th. the price is right airs weekdays on wusa9 at 11:00 a.m. >>> you have no doubt seen scrolling banners across the top of your tv screen telling you about the possibility wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers starting monday. gannett, our parent company is in negotiations with the right to carry on dish. even though today's early morning deadline has p
of the more than 42 million unpaid caregivers in the united states are hispanic. 63% of caregivers spend nine hours a week on providing care and one in ten families say providing care is tradition. joining me today is vp of multi-cultural affairs for aarp to talk about special programs out there to assist in the challenges. thank you so much for joining us this morning. both parties are hurt. >> that's correct. that is why aarp alongside the ad council has launched this initiative so caregivers realize they are not alone. so many obstacles, you end up feeling isolated. there is a duty and responsibility that goes along with it. we have launched this initiative and a website. we invite everyone to visit it. >> reporter: what is maybe the number one misnomer of what caregivers need to know and aging loved ones want that they aren't getting? >> oftentimes it is really information. first you start taking your loved one to medical appointments, then the grocery store. a big issue is language. oftentimes information is not available for them in spanish. we have a website at aa r id ar i ca
the galaxy 10.1 tablet computer from samsung in the united states. the judge found the tablet did not illegally use technology developed by apple for its ipads and iphones but the jury did find that many of samsung's other products did inning frin on ap -- infringe on apple's patents an ordered them to pay $1 billion. >>> one thing rich people can do that the rest of us can't? they can buy an high wan island. oracle c.e.o.'s just did that. he plans to turn the hawaiian island into an environmental paradise. he's pushing electric cars on the island and he hopes to increase its fruit exports to japan and other markets. by the way, worth an estimated $41 billion. ladies, the bold larry ellison is free. he's single. >> nothing is free. >> call me, larry. you're a handsome man. >>> our time 16:38. in nine minutes -- is 6:38. in nine minutes our pets are helping out their human friends. >> it is foggy out there this wednesday monk. we have some sun this afternoon headed our way. highs possibly to the mid-80s. straight ahead howard gives us a sneak peek of the weekend. we'll be right bac
's obviously a major issue here in the united states and certainly around the world because what we've seen going on in europe and elsewhere, but what's fascinating is you found in places where the numbers look like they're rising. there's still a level of unhappiness with citizens in those countries. >> absolutely. it's interesting to see that not only as people in countries get more opportunity, there's also more frustration because they see that the growing middle class and emerging market country may be offering them a view of what they could have and they may see that they don't have it. but by and large we looked at gdp as a lagging indicator. what are the tools that leaders need to make better decisions. so we looked at what were people thinking about their hope for a job, their hope for economic well-being. that's really a more important indicator. in opportunity nearby came before the -- tunisia before the problems there, gdp was actually on the rise but people were unhappy. we look at these issues to help give leaders better tools to make decisions. >> what do you hope comes out o
. out of 150 countries studied, it takes the least amount of time to earn a beer in the united states. swiss bank ubs says it takes americans just five minutes on the job to earn a beer. that works out to be -- if you're doing the math, 480 beers over a 40-hour workweek. i like it here. we're number one for beer. >> thank you, jess. >>> here's our number one morning meteorologist -- the only one -- here's howard. [ laughter ] >> thank you, andrea. >> give him a beer. >> weather wise, a little cool, a little damp this morning but it's going to be a great afternoon. i'll get you later. sunshine and temperatures warmer than they have been. we'll make 70 degrees. let's start you off with a look at bus stop forecast. big range in temps. we have low 40s in western maryland in the northern shenandoah valley. mid and upper 50s d.c. south and east. this patchy fog, spotty drizzle. we're going to burn that stuff off in a few hours. it will be much betterly lunch time. by 11:00 sunny, 62. this afternoon mid-60s. at 1:00 p.m. nats park, first pitch 107. then this afternoon we're going up to aroun
that this problem stays confined to those two units and doesn't spread throughout that entire building. nasty stuff. mike? >> happy friday enjoy your breakfast. thanks kristin. she was live in college park, maryland this morning. >>> well, health providers in two dozen states are now scrambling. they're trying to reach out to patients who may be at risk for contracting meningitis. it was spread through a steroid injection given to people who were dealing with back pain at the time. these injections had a deadly fungus in it which carries meningitis. five people have died from this including one in maryland and in virginia. there is a federal investigation now as to -- as well as a state one in maryland. officials there say there's no risk to the public thanks to action by health clinics who used those bad injections. >> all of them have pulled the implicated lots of the product and they are in the process of contacting their patients any patients they think may have been exposed to the product. >> now it can take a month for people infected with this type of meningitis to show symptoms. but it's no
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9